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MICRO USB CONNECTION. The Micro-USB connection has massive popularity with most mobile devices supporting this type of connection the majority being Mobile Phones , Tablets, Gaming Controllers, and many more portable devices such as Bluetooth portable speakers , Bike Lights etc, and the list goes on. Magna3 is here as a upgrade to the factory cable supplied with your device as this will help to protect your device from wear within the charge port area. ABOUT your mobile device. The charging port is the weakest part of any mobile phone or tablet and in many cases the device can easily sustain non-repairable damage due to the charger being inserted and removed 1000’s of times. This simply is a case of the charge port of the phone being worn out due to wear and tear and this can happen to any device as well as another problem that we all tend to miss is SNAGGING, as many of us use our devices while charging and the charge lead is never quite long enough without realising we can easily pull the charge wire that puts massive pressure on the port that will end up seriously damaging the device. Q / How Can Magna3 prevent this happening to my mobile phone ? Answer: In the Magna3 box there is a 1200mm charge cable and a Micro-USB connector that inserts into your mobile phone charge port and is designed to stay there , this can be removed at any time if you wish to do so. When the connecting tip is inserted this for a start makes your device dust resistant that always helps matters. But the main benefits are as follows: The connector mentioned above connects via a magnetic connection where the cable part of the charge wire automatically connects and unlike a few other brands this connection has no upside or downside which means that there no incorrect way that the cable makes contact with the connecting tip that was previously inserted into your device. Note: There are 2 magnets that ensure a firm and pure connection as some only have one magnet that can sometimes cause a hit and miss type of connection. Connection can be made even in darkness using Magna3. The 1200 mm cable is manufactured using a high quality braid that covers the outer cable in order to protect the finest copper cathode inner cable, The inner cable is from chile that is renowned worldwide for its high quality copper cathode. Magna3 is high powered and supports fast charge providing the wall charger that is being used has a high power or fast charger for your device. The Magna3 supports up to 2.4A and has a auto cut off to prevent over charge again not all of this type of cable have this built in technology which can result in damage to your device. Magna3 is also a Data Transfer cable and Sync and has no trouble in handling data transfer tasks even when using apps such as Samsung Smart Switch , the transfer is smooth and seamless, meaning for example: Transfer data from a samsung S7 edge to a Apple MacBook is a breeze… Magna3 is very popular with samsung mobile phone owners As the charge time on models such as the Galaxy S6,S6 edge, S7 > S7 edge is dramatically reduced when using the magna3 cable with there samsung factory charge plug Magna3 is capable of fully charging one of the above samsung mobiles from flat in just 60 minutes, Impressive hey !!! . This is all down to the high quality copper cathode of the inner cable . Below is a list of just a few mobile devices that magna3 is compatible with. SAMSUNG S3,S4,S5,S6,S6 EDGE, S7, S7 EDGE SAMSUNG NOTE, 2, 3, 4, Universal, For Acer, For Alcatel-Lucent, For Amazon, For ASUS, For Audiovox, For BenQ, For BlackBerry, For Blackphone, For Casio, For CECT, For CUBOT, For Dell, For Dopod, For Firefly Mobile, For Fujitsu, For Garmin, For Google, For Handspring, For Hitachi, For HP, For HTC, For Huawei For Samsung Galaxy Note 4, For Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, For Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, For Samsung Galaxy S5, For Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, For Samsung Galaxy Note II, Universal, For Amazon Fire Phone, For BlackBerry Bold 9700, For BlackBerry Bold 9780, For BlackBerry Bold 9790, For BlackBerry Bold 9900, For BlackBerry Bold 9930, For BlackBerry Curve 8520, For BlackBerry Curve 8530, For BlackBerry Curve 9300, For BlackBerry Curve 9310, For BlackBerry Curve 9330, For BlackBerry Curve 9350, For BlackBerry Curve 9360 Other information about > Magna3 Got a device that takes Lightning or Type C ? Did you know that Magna3 device connecting tips can also be purchased in different connection types ? Meaning: As the 1200mm charge lead will fit ALL connectors via the magnets if you wish to charge another device by using the same cable but the port is for example a micro-USB port you can. Just purchase one of our connecting tips in micro usb and insert it into the device you then end up with one wire that will charge 2 different devices and so on. The extra connecting tips that can be purchased are MICRO-USB LIGHTNING TYPE C Magna3 is a authentic product and has been pioneered by using the highest technology , best materials in order for this product to be reliable and safe to use in today’s demanding environment for mobile products . There will be cheaper cables that look the same but will not be the same due to the high standard of quality materials that the magna3 is made from . As the devices that this type of product is made for are expensive it is not worth having a low quality item in order to save a few pence . All in All you only get what you pay for !.

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